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Nord Quantique Expands its Management Team

News By Nord Quantique Press release

As our company continues to grow and evolve on our journey toward fault-tolerant quantum computing, more potential partners are approaching us, and more opportunities are presenting themselves month after month. That’s why, with the support of our board of directors, we are expanding the C-suite at Nord Quantique.

To that end, our Co-Founder and CEO Philippe St-Jean is moving into a new position with the company, Chief Business Officer. Going forward, his primary focus will be to cultivate new partnerships with external stakeholders as we accelerate the commercial development of our error corrected quantum computers. His experience leading the company since its inception, as well as previously serving on the board of other quantum companies, gives him exclusive insights into how these business relationships are forged, developed and maintained.

Co-Founder and CTO, Julien Camirand Lemyre therefore now takes over as CEO at Nord Quantique. Julien has been with the company since the start, and few individuals are as well positioned to lead a quantum computing company. Under his leadership, Nord Quantique will accelerate its progress towards the goal of a universal fault-tolerant quantum computer.

And lastly Marc-Antoine Lemonde will transition from his former role of Vice-President of Theory and Simulation with Nord Quantique, to take over from Julien as CTO. Marc-Antoine has been with the company for more than 3 years, and has demonstrated the technical prowess and leadership our company will require to break new barriers in the field of error-corrected quantum computing.

Together, our executive team will continue to lead our company to new heights, pushing the boundaries of quantum error correction and delivering fault-tolerant quantum computers. Congratulations to all!