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Ubiquitous errors are widely recognized as the primary barrier to quantum computing. At Nord Quantique, we're dedicated to advancing error correction at all levels of the stack for accelerated progress toward fault-tolerant quantum computers.

From day one, we have designed our systems to correct the most common types of errors as they occur, at the most fundamental level of operation. We strongly believe this is the only viable path to fault tolerance, and the most efficient way to produce useful quantum computers with real-world applications which will unlock immense benefits for humankind.

Roadmap to Fault Tolerance

Nord Quantique has already announced groundbreaking results on quantum error correction. The company is progressing along its ambitious development roadmap, which includes a number of key milestones in the coming years and months. All of which are leading the company toward the release of a quantum computer with at least 100 logical qubits, no later than 2028.

In the interim, the company intends to deliver an MVP in 2024, as well as demonstrate the error correction results from its first multi-qubit system. Nord Quantique will also onboard its first algorithm partner and continue to expand its network of industry partners which are interested in early adoption.

Useful Applications for Business

We’ve developed a 3-pronged approach to delivering value for industry partners. Cutting edge error correction combined with lightning-fast clock speeds and a clear path to quickly scaling up to useful levels makes Nord Quantique an ideal partner for companies working in the materials science and pharmaceutical industries, as well as several other sectors which can benefit from advanced calculations using deep circuits and complex algorithms.

For companies like these, and a range of others, our solutions can help sensibly solve challenging problems in design, manufacturing and operations. Connect with our team to learn how.

Efficient in All Categories

Efficient use of resources is central to our model. We have developed a quantum computing architecture with an extremely efficient use of qubits, with only a handful in overhead dedicated to error correction. Fewer qubits mean a smaller system and more efficient energy consumption. Nord Quantique is also part of a world-class quantum ecosystem which allows the company to deploy its capital efficiently and still have access to the highest quality labs, equipment and talent, as well as chip production facilities.


World-class research, paired with a novel approach, is key for true innovation. At Nord Quantique, we're renowned for our commitment to quantum research. Our unique design for quantum computers drives us to bring this cutting-edge technology to market, shaping a future where everyone benefits from quantum innovation.

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World Class Quantum Error-Correction Changes Everything

Nord Quantique is recognized as an industry leader in the field of quantum error correction. Our unique approach to developing quantum computers allows us to correct the most common types of errors (bit flips and phase flips) using bosonic codes. Which means unlike other designs, we are able to correct the majority of errors without dedicating a huge overhead of qubits to error correction. This allows us to devote the majority of our qubits to actually performing calculations. Meaning we can achieve fault tolerance and deliver useful applications with between 1,000 and 10,000 times fewer physical qubits than various other quantum computing models.

Fast Processing Times for Users Who Need Information Right Away

The superconducting quantum computers being developed by Nord Quantique also come with the necessary clock speeds to complete calculations and deliver insights to users in a practical timeframe. Potential users seeking to perform advanced calculations using deep circuits and complex algorithms will be pleased by how quickly these computations can be completed. Our approach was designed to make quantum computing both accessible and practical for large industrial and government users who need to run their calculations quickly and extract reliable insights from the data.

A Clear Path for Scaling to Fault Tolerance

Nord Quantique plans to quickly scale its quantum system to fault tolerant levels, delivering a machine with at least 100 logical qubits no later than 2028. This is achievable because few errors combined with fast calculation speeds means the road to useful fault-tolerance is shorter since there is no massive overhead of qubits required for error correction. This more readily enables reliable operation of useful quantum computers with a wide array of industry applications.


Meet the faces, minds, and hearts behind Nord Quantique - a team united by a shared vision of quantum excellence and a commitment to redefining what's possible.

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Our Impact

Nord Quantique's pioneering work in quantum error correction has garnered attention from corporations worldwide seeking practical computing solutions for everyday operational challenges.


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